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When you sway an opinion
you tilt humanity
wind and water teach us
that irreversible progress
can be achieved
through whispers
by trickles
tornadoes and floods will dissipate
or recede
but a stream of persistence
that flows
without diversion
will wear down the rock
the rigor mortis mentality
of those
most in need
of progressive persuasion

first appeared in The Voices Project 2016

first appeared in River Poets Journal National Poetry Month 2015 Pocket Poems


A death row demonstration
passion and picket signs
colliding and clashing
I want to remind them
everyone is a murder away
from switching sides

first appeared in East Jasmine Review 2016


first appeared in Clutching at Straws 2013

On Drunk Dialing an Ex

The scar never weeps for the wound
never splits itself with longing
for past pain
In matters of the heart,
trust the body that surrounds it.

First appeared in Rat’s Ass Review Love & Ensuing Madness 2016

This Is/Isn’t a Love Poem

I’ve wall-papered my skull with images
of you
laminated every memory
and tuned my ears
to the pitch of your voice
but this is not a love poem
you would not allow such a thing
I barely exist
in your world of bright lights
and shadows that never sleep
I hardly rest, either
outlasting even the star I gave you
from some Hell to our Heaven
I’ve outlasted you too, apparently
because I do not love you again
I love you still
burning like our star
falling like the others
so fuck you
this is a love poem
even though we barely exist

First appeared in Rat’s Ass Review Love & Ensuing Madness 2016


first appeared in The Lake 2014


When you leave, how will you stay?
think beyond the potting soil
of a womb
past the extension of your own
wilting biology—there is work to be done
I do not fear the lightning
but the lack of thunder
terrified of a life that vanishes
like a breath in the wind

first appeared in East Jasmine Review 2016



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