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Lit / please send healing thoughts to poet Bekah Steimel


by Bekah Steimel

I am always smoldering
like a stubborn campfire
or a pair of new lovers
two months into their affair
I am not a flickering candle
fearful of the wind
or even a strong set of lungs
I cannot be snuffed out
blown out
You could rid the planet
of umbrellas
gather every drop of water
in this world
and the next
collect even the morning dew
and my embers would still burn
and glow
stoke me and roll the dice

First appeared in Bitterzoet, 2013.


Bekah Steimel is in the hospital, hooked up to an ecmo machine, trying to recover from complications of Influenza A. She has a long road of recovery ahead of her, but I know my¬† stubborn baby will not give up. Bekah and I are both atheists, but I’d appreciate whatever healing thoughts you want to send our way. ~Shannon